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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you report my account to the credit bureaus?
(A) Yes, we report your available line of credit and balance to Transunion,Equifax and Experian monthly.

(Q) Can we use our unsecured credit account on all products you offer?
(A) No. Some products are excluded from financing.

(Q) Do you approve everyone?
(A) No. All Credit Approvals Are Subject To Credit Worthiness & Underwriter’s Approval.

(Q) Do you pull a hard inquiry?
(A) No, we will pull a soft inquiry from the three major credit bureaus to verify your identity and credit worthiness.

*** NOTE ***
If an inquiry is disputed for any reason, the credit account will be immediately closed on all three credit bureaus and the balance owed will be immediately due. If the balance is not paid in full, the amount can and will be reported as a closed and a charged off account after 180 days.

(Q) Does My Credit Account Have Any fees?
(A) Yes, Please see your account representative regarding applicable fees on your account. The fees will be auto-charged to the card on file. Non payment of fees can result in account closure and collections.

(Q) Can you Refuse Service To Anyone?
(A) Yes. Rest assured, our company loves to do business with everyone for the most part but some reasons for denying a person service is if they are creating an unsafe or hostile environment.

(Q) Do You Buy Gold and Silver In Any Condition?
(A) Yes, we buy Gold and silver in ANY condition. Cash on the spot. Please call for a quote

(Q) Do You Sell Gold and Silver?
(A) Yes, Please see prices on our website or you can call for a quote.

(Q) I am famous can you help me?
(A) We would love to! V.I.P 😉

(Q) Can you help me invest my money in precious metals or business?

A) Yes. e.g: customer, invested $100,000 in our precious metals business,
helped him turn $100K into $149,996.70 in couple of weeks! That’s a profit
of $49,996.70 in just TWO WEEKS. Results vary on business*

(Q) Can This MasterGold Credit Improve My Credit Report*?*

(A) Absolutely! If you are approved, Reporting this tradeline to the major bureaus, we are uniquely able to reward our good-paying customers by further strengthening their credit file. MasterGold Credit can also help increase your chances significantly to be approved for other loans like; Auto, Mortgage, Rentals, Furniture even Business Funding Approvals and more.

(Q) Is the Spot Price 4 Gold Credit Card A Primary Account or Authorized
User Account?

(A) Primary Account



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After weeks of driving by the store and hearing some great things about Spot Price 4 Gold from my friends, I finally made a stop in and the store was beautiful and more importantly the customer service was great. A Guy named Moe was so genuinely nice and explained everything about the process of selling Gold and even gave me some in-depth and honest insight into the Gold and Silver markets which he an expert is clearly in. I already recommended them to my friends and I’ll definitely be back myself.